Math & LA lesson plan for Grade 7 April 13th-17th

Posted: April 13, 2020

April 13th -17th


Hello Grade 7! I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and thinking positive during this time. This week, I posted the grade 7 lesson plans for Math and LA. I hope everyone spends at least an hour a day workingJ

If you have any questions, please email me at:



Word problems

(One each day)

-Zoe bought a big bag of candy. The bag had 102 blue candies, 100 red candies and 94 green candies. How many candies were there in total?

-Your friend said she had 11 stickers. When you helped her clean her desk, she only had a total of 10 stickers. How many stickers are missing?

- Jeremiah has a big ant farm. He decided to sell some of his ants. He started with 965 ants. He sold 213. How many ants does he have now?

- The school has $20,000 to buy new computer equipment. If each piece of equipment costs $50, how many pieces can the school buy in total?

- Addison has 2 bags with 2 marbles in each bag. Jared has 2 bags with 3 marbles in each bag. How many more marbles does Jared have?


Please e-mail me your answers.



15-20 Minutes

Make a math game with any household items. When finished, play with a family member in your house.


20 minutes

(Each day)

Work on IXL to enhance your key math skills. Please select anything from your grade level or grade below.



Language Arts lesson plan:



20 minutes every day

Find a good fit book to read. If you don’t have a good book at home, please check out this website for eBooks:



10 minutes each day

Please start a Journal and write an entry everyday. It could be about how you feel about not going to school, what you are grateful for, or, what you have done each day. Please E-mail me your Journals by Friday.