Posted: September 18, 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to WELCOME you and your child to GRADE ONE.Homework will be sent home everyday except on the weekends.  The tasks will be kept short, and it will be a review of the skills we are working on in class.  As part of the homework, your child will soon take home a book "TO READ TO YOU".  It is important that you sit and  listen to him/her read incase help in needed.  Then see that the Record sheet and Book is returned each morning.  Reading at home plays a vital role to your child's success in school.  The only way to become a better reder is to READ, READ and REA.D.  Young children are easily motivated and eager to learn. Listening to your child read daily is also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your precious loved one. I anticipate an awesome year, and I look forward to meeting you this year.   If you have any questions or concerns,day come to MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT on Thursday, September 19 or feel free to contact me at any time that is more suitable for you. Happy Birthday to Hayden, Sequoia and Tavian who are celebrating a birthday in September.Congratulations to Hayden and Addison who were choosen for this month's STARS OF THE WEEK.   Grade One TeacherJ. Saunders