Homework for Ms. Ellison: Read! Read! Read!

Posted: January 8, 2019

Due Date: 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Hi Parents and Guardians!
My weekly homework consists of either 20 minutes of reading per night (minimum) OR assigned reading (marked off in sections if the book contains more text).
Please assist your child with difficult words, by asking them to use the strategies that can help them problem-solve: Breaking larger words into smaller chunks, finding smaller words in larger words. Always have them identify the first sound of the words and work from there. Remind your child to pay attention to ending parts of words as well, example: small-smaller, begin-beginning.
My reading request: I am asking that all parents and guardians have their child read to them (or read with them) every evening during homework time. It is imperative that a child has someone to read out loud to because this strengthens their verbal skills, word bank knowledge, fluency in reading and as well, their reading stamina. 

Not only does reading out loud to someone help build these strengths in reading, it also provides bonding time between parent/guardian and child. As well, having a book read to your child helps them to feel security, comfort and enjoyment in reading. There is nothing more exciting than having a book read to you when you are little and you can curl up, relax and listen to the story!
Please share reading and enjoy the bonding time!