At the end of these series of lessons, your child will be able to control:

Posted: October 3, 2011

When your child is ready to end the series of lessons, the following strengths should be controlled:Directional Movement-This includes directional movement in both Reading and Writing (Left to Right, Top to Bottom, Return Sweeps).One to One Matching-Controlled One to One Match of Spoken to Written Words (and sequence of sounds in words) for checking purposes.Strategic Activities-Demonstrates a flexible control of strategic activity on new instructional texts at higher levels of difficulty. Child will try to solve new words and language structures in new texts.Self-Monitoring-Child checks his/her own reading (unprompted-on own).Cross-Checking-Child notices own discrepancies in his own responses by cross-checking one kind of information (ie.visual) with a different kind of information (ie.meaning). Uses of Multiple Sources of Information-Checks self-corrections by combining meaning, structure, letter-sound cues and a sense of how words ore spelled (tries to achieve a match across all information).Self-Correction-Effective Self-Correction follows from using self-monitoring, searching for solutions in flexible ways, and cross-checking information. Even at unsuccessful attempts however, child is aware that these activities can be helpful.