Literacy Support Grade 1: Miss Melissa Ellison.

Posted: October 11, 2013

I would like to welcome my new students to your Literacy Support Year 2013-14. I welcome parents to check in regularly on my Teacher Page. I am currently working with Grade 1 Students for Literacy Support. In my class, students receive an individually designed one-on-one lesson for 30 minutes daily.  In this lesson, they will follow this format:1. Reading 2 or 3 familiar books: Your child will read 2 to 3 familiar books that they have already had a Running Record completed on and are now familiar with this book. 2. Reading Yesterday's New Book: As your child reads the new book that they have been introduced to yesterday, a running record is taken: After the running record, work is done together to strengthen your child's reading skills.3.  Letter Work/Breaking Words Apart (BWA): This is done with magnetic letters to strengthen the letter names and letter/sound knowledge. 4.  Writing a Story: Your child and I will have a conversation about something your child is interested in. At this time,your child will write a story in their own writing book. New words that are used frequently are learned and strategies are learned for constructing new words.5.  Cut-up Story: The story that was written is put on a sentence strip which is then cut-up and reassembled by the child.  This is sent home for further practice.6.  New Book: Every day the child reads a new book that is well within his or her control.*Over the duration of the lesson series, your child will receive nightly homework consisting of several books to read and the cut-up sentence in their homework bag. Homework including BOTH reading and assembling the sentence are to be completed each night to strengthen your child's reading and writing skills. Your cooperation in ensuring homework is completed each night, is appreciated as you are paving the way to your child gaining strong literacy skills for the next grade levels. I request that the plastic bag, the texts and the cut-up sentence be returned daily and signed only AFTER homework has been completed.**If there are any questions or concerns in regards to homework, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. I welcome parents to come and observe your child's lesson. **Please feel free to contact me and I can book a time where I will have your child in lesson.