Parents & Students Check in!! Please read the entire message! Thank you!! Miss you all!

Posted: January 16, 2022

Hey Everybody, it's Ms. Ellison and I'm missing you guys like crazy!! Hi Chantel! Hi Jace! Hi Jillian! Hi Loesali! Hi Nathaniel! Hi Noah! Hi Olivia! Hi Saige! Hi Zachary!! I hope you guys are doing great at home, relaxing but still working on your homework! Remember: Exercise helps to grow our brains as well as our body and how do we exercise our brains? We read, write and do a lot of important thinking exercises! A little bit each day helps A LOT! 
Parents and Guardians, I hope that you are handling this extended period of closure as best as possible. What I am hoping that my kids especially focus on during this extended period of home learning, is reading and writing, which is reading the books that I have included in their learning packages and the little writing piece that I have sent home.
Writing: Once your child has completed that writing piece, please take a close-up photo (so I can read their awesome stories) and send it to me! You can send it directly to my messenger inbox OR you can send it to my email:!! Either way is perfect! I am excited to think that I'm going to get to read their stories when they have completed them! 
Reading: I have sent several books home with your child, PLEASE return the books once the children return to school. That is the only thing I am requesting to be returned at this time. 
Folder Assignments: Math: I have included Math sheets in their folders. Have them work on them a bit each day. There is no need to rush through any of the assignments, work at their own pace.
In the next few days, assign IXL Math and IXL Language Arts assignments for the next round of home learning to work at their own pace.
I will also send a hard copy of another writing piece with several different ideas! Again, once your child has completed that writing piece, please take a close-up photo of their completed story and send it to me! 
EPIC Books: In their EPIC account, I have assigned many different stories, mainly READ TO ME books, and some videos with songs and learning videos! Please feel free to have your child choose from these assigned books. NOT ALL need to be completed, but the more the better also because it helps strengthen their listening and reading skills! Work at their own pace, but I am hoping that each child will TRY to read for AT LEAST 20 minutes per day! This is really really beneficial for strengthening their reading stamina and skills, especially during these times of home learning where we can't be all together to read in our class! 
PLEASE stay safe, stay warm with all the little storms that roll through and most of all, stay calm and work slowly on!
Be Safe and you are all missed dearly, 
Ms. Ellison and Brittany!