Read 180 Homework: Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Wrapping Up Unfinished Business!

Posted: April 7, 2015

Read 180 Homework:Don't forget to bring your Read 180 rBooks back to class tomorrow!Wrapping up unfinished business: **Please look through the first pages up to page 29 to see if you have any incomplete work. Check for Target word meanings, examples, incomplete sections on pages, ect! These must be completed between now and Monday, April 13, 2015. Your in-class presentation is to be held on Friday, April 10, 2015.  **If you have NOT completed your Questions and Answers on your FAQ Web Page on Page 31, please continue to work on that at home. Be sure that your questions are used from page 30 and your answers are in full, complete sentences. Be sure to use capital letters where they belong and lower case letters where they belong. Be sure to use proper punctuation: If it's a sentence, it needs a period. If it's a question, it needs a question mark.Study Target Words!**Read the words and read the definitions that you have completed, as well as the examples that you had completed in class. If you are missing some definitions, please be sure to check them and complete those areas. Read and re-read and re-read some more!!  End of workshop test will be on Monday, April 13, 2015.  READ for 20 minutes tonight in your Read 180 books, fill in your Reading Logs!