Reading Recovery 2011-12

Posted: October 3, 2011

I would like to welcome both the parents and children who are in the Reading Recovery Program. Welcome to All!! I am happy to be given this opportunity to work with both the children and parents as well as we work through the Reading Recovery Program.As you know, this is a 20 week program dedicated to assisting and helping children grasp and strengthen their reading and writing skills. There is an intensive amount of work to be covered within 20 weeks, so it is important that we try to maintain the full amount of weeks for each child. Your child will be learning strategizing skills to improve and strengthen their reading and writing. We will be working from what your child knows and from there, strengthening every skill they already have. Within the next few weeks, your child will begin bringing homework home from the Reading Recovery Program. Please have your child complete the assigned homework as this will be designed with every effort to improve and encourage reading strengths in your child! I will keep parents notified through my page of homework assignments or any other important things that will need to be posted. Welalin, Thank You, Merci!! Miss Melissa EllisonReading RecoveryEsgenoopetitj School