Read 180 Website for Registered Esgenoopetitj School Student Access Only.

Posted: November 18, 2014

Students and Parents/Guardians! Here is the link for your Read 180 Student Dashboard! Feel free to login at home and explore!  Be Sure to Click ALLOW for the Microphone Access once you are ready to login on the Dashboard! ***(Parents they need to allow the microphone so they will have access to the sounds required on their Zones!)***Be sure to show your Parents/Guardians your progress and explain as best as possible to them what you have learned so far from exploring the Dashboard, going to the e-Reads, and the other activities you have explored! Also, once you have completed a book and are confident enough to do a test at home and are able to remember how to search for the book, you may go onto the Scholastic Reading Counts Section and do a search for your quiz (remember to type the Title or Author EXACTLY how it spells on the book or you may not get the right quiz!You may also complete your Reading Zone recordings if you have access to a mic through your computer (Remember that you have to allow the microphone access when you are logging in!) When you are completely finished with the website, DO NOT forget to LOG OUT! Do not just X OUT! :) Have fun! Miss Ellison