Heritage Week

Posted: February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 Dear Parent/Guardian:The Grade 4 class is doing a project for Heritage week – Leadership and Legacy. Our topic is Fishing Net Mending/Making and how we use fishing nets as part of our legacy of being a fishing community. We all have someone in our families who have used fishing nets, or made fishing nets at some point in their lives to help themselves make a living. The Grade 4 students have decided they want to do interviews to help put together their project about the topic. They have come up with the questions to help in compiling the information we need to put our display together at Heritage Fair week. They may just write your answers down, or they may ask if they can video/record you answering the questions. Any help you provide is appreciated. If you don’t have knowledge of your own experience, feel free to share a story related to the topic. And if you have any tool samples or net samples you don’t mind bringing to the school to put in our display please bring them in with your child or drop them off at the office directed for Grade 4. All your help is greatly appreciated.  We have a deadline of Thursday to gather our information together to put together Friday, for display on Monday. Thank you for your time,  Miss Ward and the Grade 4 class