Esgenoopetitj School Cultural Committee Key Drive!! Starts tomorrow and is on-going for the next two weeks! November 2 to the 16th!!

Posted: November 1, 2018

Key Drive!! Friday, November 2 until at least Friday, November 16th!! 
Donations of any UNUSED keys from your homes for an in-school project!!
Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff Members!! 
We are requesting your kind donations of any UNUSED keys from your homes. These may be very old keys that you are not using, perhaps you've got a key to a vehicle that you no longer use or own, any sort of key, as long as it is one that you are NOT using! 
We are asking for your donations that you may send with your child or drop off at the school between tomorrow and any time within the next two weeks! 
We appreciate and thank you in advance!
**IF YOUR CHILD IS PICKING THE KEYS, PLEASE CHECK IN ADVANCE!! Please be sure that they do not donate any keys that may be currently in use (ie: house keys, vehicle keys, keys to appliances or storage, ect!)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Esgenoopetitj Cultural Committee