Esgenoopetitj School Mi'Kmaq Heritage Day 2013!! Success!!

Posted: May 7, 2013

~Welalieg otjit Mimajuinug mawita'jig Esgenoopetitj Maoiiomiitjiitj!! Thank you to Everyone who attended our Esgenoopetitj School Mini-Gathering! On behalf of the school, we would like to thank All the Guests, Miss Karen Somerville, the Student Body of Esgenoopetitj School, Chef Clifford Larry, the Staff, as well as our Guests: Donna Augustine for holding a Water Ceremony, for sharing her beautiful voice through a sacred song, George Paul for your drumming!! I would like to also acknowledge the time and effort to make this mini-Powwow a wonderful and sacred event for our community! Water is Life! We must do everything we can to protect and keep our waters free of pollutants and toxins for all the Water life and Land life. Thank you! Welalieg!! Esgenoopetitj School Staff!~