February is Heart Healthy month!! Eat Right, Sleep Well and Get LOTS of Exercise!!

Posted: January 30, 2020

February is Heart Healthy month!! Eat Right, Sleep Well and Get LOTS of Exercise!! 
Every day and month should consist of heart healthy foods! February is the month of love, hearts and Valentines and so it should also be a great month to take into consideration the importance of eating healthy, sleeping well and keeping our hearts strong and healthy! 
Try to challenge yourself to eating extra servings of fruits and vegetables, less junk food and if you're not already doing so, eat at least one meal together, with lots of healthy additions to your main meal! Eating together promotes happiness and bonding! Avoid any electronic use while eating, for example, cell phones, television shows or anything else that may distract from the time you have to spend with family members in your home! 
Get lots of exercise, remember: strong hearts need lots of walking, running, playing and fresh air (weather permitting). If you can't get outside to play, there are lots of exercises you can do inside. Helping out with household chores (amazingly) provides exercise as well! Offer to sweep or help to mop the floors, carry laundry up and down the stairs if you're able to! Imagine our moms and dads, they do this regularly, they must be as fit as fiddles!! :)
Included in this post is a quick link to 5 tips to a Healthy Heart! 
Have a great long weekend!
Happy February! Happy Heart Month and see you on Monday, February 3, 2020!!