First Term Report Card Day!! November 22, 2013!!

Posted: October 30, 2013

November 22, 2013 will be the release of the first-term report cards. We are hoping that you are keeping up with your work, pulling up your socks and tightning your study hats before then! There has been a lot of progress since school started in September and we want to see everybody progressing wonderfully! Report cards will be sent home on this day after classes are completed for the day. Parents! Please be sure to review your child's report card, sign and return the next day. We are urging and welcoming all Parents to attend the Parent-Teacher planned day which will be posted before then when the date is decided. Until then, please encourage your child to continue to work hard, keep that encouragement happening by being a focal part of your child's learning experience each day and keeping on tabs with any struggles or difficulties your child is experiencing. Do not hesitate to contact the school and talk to your child's teacher, Mr. Flanagan or any of the Staff that tends to your child's learning experience if there is a concern or also for awesome news!! :) Thank you and Work Hard Kids!! :)