READ ALL ABOUT IT!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! News Updates for Wednesday, April 22, 2020!!

Posted: April 22, 2020

Parents, Guardians and Students: 
We would like to encourage you to register your children for any online learning websites that your children’s teachers have discussed with you. 
There is a great website called Raz Kids that provides independent and guided reading for every level from Grade 1 to Grade 5! The registration is easy and fast AND it is free until the end of June!! Included in your teacher’s lesson plans are many great activities!
If you have opportunity to do any of them, or visit the learning websites, we would love to hear any feedback about either the websites or activities! Feel free to leave comments on this post, or message your children’s teachers to let them know, whether it was fun, exciting, difficult, frustrating or confusing, anything that you feel your child’s experience was, or your own, after attempting or completing something! 
If there are any questions or difficulties, your child's teacher will be able assist and do not be overwhelmed, but any activity that your child does in the assigned sites and on the lesson plans would be great! 
If you would like to take photos, or videos and share it with your child’s teacher of projects or work on lessons that would be awesome! You can either share it directly with your teachers OR if you would like, share them into the school group! We love to see them having fun and learning! 
Keep it fun, there are many ways to learn, but always have fun doing it! 
We are here to work together, to get through this together and we can help each other! 
Esgenoopetitj School Staff!
PS: Today is Earth Day and it would be great if anyone has worked on any environmentally-related ideas today, planting flowers, tidying your yard, anything, if you have any photos to share with your children's teachers or in the school group here, that would be awesome!