Welcome Back Students and Families! Important Reminders to Families, Parents and Guardians!!

Posted: January 6, 2020

Welcome Back Students and Families!
Important Reminders to Families, Parents and Guardians!!
We would like to extend a warm welcome back to all the students and staff for 2020!! AMAZING NEW YEAR!! Lots in store, lots of learning and fun ahead! We do have a few important reminders to parents and guardians for the new year.
**Once again, we URGENTLY STRESS that this is a NUT-FREE Building:  This includes ALL tree nuts, peanuts, almonds, anything that contains nuts of any sort, including PEANUT BUTTER, NUTELLA, BARS of any sort that contain any sort of nuts. We urgently stress that this is for the safety of all the students and staff, especially those that have severe nut allergies in our building. An "innocent bit of nut can prove lethal and deadly." Please respect our urgent request to not pack anything related in lunch packs.
**Another important notice is outdoor weather clothing: PLEASE ensure that your children are dressed for the weather, in layers, such as an easily removable sweater or hoody for indoor wear, snowsuits, warm coats, snowpants, warm snowboots AND SOCKS, and of course mittens and hats! It is very important that your children dress for COLD winter weather on a daily basis as the weather changes frequently and the children are outside until it is too cold. 
**Lunch Time and Menu Selection: Please ensure that you check the daily menu that is provided with your children at the beginning of the week (or on the school groups or website: burntchurchschool.ca) to see if there is a selection that your child does not wish to eat. If so, please be sure to provide a healthy (nut-free) alternative to that menu selection with your child for that day (in advance). 
And with that, we hope everyone will have an awesome new year in 2020!
Ingredients for a Fantastic Year: Be yourself because you can't be anyone else! Try your best, challenge yourself, work hard, study well, play hard, and ALWAYS play fair!! Be kind and excellent to each other, always! 
~There is no one that is youer than you!~ Dr. Seuss.