Posted: February 7, 2021

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, February 8 to Friday, February 12, 2021 (Day 3 to Day 2)
(Day 3) Monday, Feb. 8:
Chicken Vegetable & Rice Casserole.
(Day 4) Tuesday, Feb. 9:
Meatloaf, Carrots & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 5) Wednesday, Feb. 10:
Macaroni & Hamburg.
(Day 1) Thursday, Feb. 11:

Posted: February 1, 2021

Parents and Guardians: Valentine's Day, Friday, February 12, 2021!!
(Valentine's Day is on Sunday, Feb. 14 this year!)
Dear Parents and Guardians: 
This year's Valentine's celebration will be a little different!
We are asking you to send in a box of UNOPENED Valentine's cards to your child's class so that they may share them on Friday, February 12, 2021.
Due to the Covid Restrictions, we are asking you to have them sent to the school, once again, UNOPENED packages by Friday, February 5, 2021!!

Posted: January 31, 2021

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, February 1 to Friday, February 5, 2021 (Day 5 to 4)
(Day 5) Monday, Feb. 1:
Beef Sliders & Alphabet Soup. 
(Day 1) Tuesday, Feb. 2:
Chicken Nuggets, Corn and Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 2) Wednesday, Feb. 3:
Spaghetti & Meatballs.
(Day 3) Thursday, Feb. 4:
Hamburger Shepherd's Pie & Mixed Vegetables.
(Day 4) Friday, Feb. 5:

Posted: January 25, 2021

Esgenoopetij School Menu: Monday, January 25 to Friday, January 29, 2021. (Day 1 to Day 4)
(Day 1) Monday, Jan. 25:
Rice & Hamburg Casserole & Barley Soup.
(Day 2) Tuesday, Jan. 26:
Hamburger & Potato Salad.
(Day 3) Wednesday, Jan. 27:
(Day 4) Thursday, Jan. 28:
Chicken Drumsticks & Mashed Potatoes & Corn.
Friday, Jan. 29: 

Posted: January 25, 2021

Skating Day on Thursday, January 28, 2021 for all Phys. Ed. Classes!
Parents and Guardians, please note that all grades will be skating at the outdoor rink on Thursday, January 28, 2021 for Phys. Ed. classes. Please have your child(ren)'s skating gear sent with them to school on this day.
There will be no school on Friday, January 29, 2021 due to the Last Friday of the Month. 

Posted: January 21, 2021

Notice to Parents and Guardians: Head Lice Season!
Hey everyone, with the cold weather upon us, it's around this time when we begin to experience bouts of head lice. 
Please be sure to check your child(ren)'s head on a daily basis!

Posted: January 19, 2021

Skating Gear Donations Welcomed by the School!! Helmets, skates, protective gear, if you don't need it, we can use it!

Dear Parents and Guardians! 
Just a note to let everyone know that now that we have an awesome rink almost ready for use, we are DEFINITELY welcoming any unused and leftover skating gear donations at the school! All sizes are great from the little ones to the big ones! Helmets and skates are a definite need, protective gear is a great benefit! 

Posted: January 15, 2021

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 18 to Friday, January 22, 2021 (Day 1 to Day 5)
(Day 1) Monday, Jan. 18:
Chicken Burger & Macaroni Salad.
(Day 2) Tuesday, Jan. 19:
Hamburger Gravy, Mixed Veges & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 3) Wednesday, Jan. 20:
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce.
(Day 4) Thursday, Jan. 21:
Grilled Cheese & Chicken Soup.
(Day 5) Friday, Jan. 22: 

Posted: January 8, 2021

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 11 to Friday, January 15, 2021 (Day 1 to Day 5)
(Day 1) Monday, Jan.11:
Chicken Vegetable & Rice Casserole.
(Day 2) Tuesday, Jan.12:
Meatloaf, Carrots and Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 3) Wednesday, Jan.13:
Macaroni & Hamburg.
(Day 4) Thursday, Jan.14:
Sloppy Joes & Macaroni Soup.
(Day 5) Friday, Jan.15:
Baked Fish (Fish Sticks) and Mashed Potatoes.

Posted: January 8, 2021

Important Updates for Our New School Year 2021 Regarding the Covid-19 Orange Level and School Protocol.


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