Posted: January 30, 2017

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 30 to Friday, February 3, 2017 (Day 2 to Day 5).
Monday, Jan. 30:
No School. Staff Only.
(Day 2) Tuesday, Jan. 31:
Shepherd's Pie & Mixed Vegetables.
(Day 3) Wednesday, Feb. 1:
Spaghetti Chicken Cacciatore.
(Day 4) Thursday, Feb. 2:
Hamburger & Potato Salad.
(Day 5) Friday, Feb. 3:

Posted: January 20, 2017

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 23 to Friday, January 27, 2017 (Day 5 to Day 3)-
(Day 5) Monday, Jan. 23:
Grilled Cheese and Chicken Soup.
(Day 1) Tuesday, Jan. 24:
Meatloaf, Carrots & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 2) Wednesday, Jan. 25:
Macaroni & Hamburg.
(Day 3) Thursday, Jan. 26:
Chicken Vegetable & Rice Casserole.
Friday, Jan. 27:

Posted: January 13, 2017

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 16 to Friday, January 20, 2017 (Day 5 to Day 4).
(Day 5) Monday, Jan. 16:
Rice & Hamburg Casserole & Barley Soup.
(Day 1) Tuesday, Jan.17:
Meatball Gravy, Mixed Vegs & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 2) Wednesday, Jan.18:
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce.
(Day 3) Thursday, Jan. 19:
Chicken Burger & Macaroni Salad.

Posted: January 9, 2017

Reminder to Parents, Guardians and Students: Warm Winter Clothing Required!

Posted: January 9, 2017

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, January 9 to Friday, January 13, 2017 (Day 1 to Day 4)-
Monday, Jan. 9: 
No School.
(Day 1) Tuesday, Jan. 10:
Chicken Nuggets, Corn & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 2) Wednesday, Jan. 11:
(Day 3) Thursday, Jan. 12:
Beef Stew & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 4) Friday, Jan. 13:

Posted: December 21, 2016

Heyyyyy everyone in Middle school, tonight is the night to dance to your heart's content!!
Put on your fineries and your dancing shoes or sneakers and get down as fast as you can to your Christmas Formal!!

Time: 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Admission: $2.00
We hope you all have a blast tonight and have a lovely Christmas vacation! 

Posted: December 21, 2016

Today is the LAST day of school for the Christmas break for students!
This is a full day and the students will not be required to return tomorrow or Friday!
The staff of Esgenoopetitj School would like to wish all the students and families a wonderful and joyous Christmas holiday.
Our Christmas wish is that everyone will be able to share very special moments together over our holiday.
Kids, be sure to get lots of rest and lots of good fresh air, but most of all, have fun and play safe throughout the holiday!

Posted: December 21, 2016

Merry Winter Solstice!! Wednesday, December 21, 2016!! 
Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of winter, Winter Solstice 2016!
This is also the SHORTEST day of the year and will last 7 hours, 49 minutes and 41 seconds!
Wishing everyone a wonderful snowy winter with lots of great snowman snow! 
We would like to remind all the students to dress warm and play safe when outside in the snow during the Christmas break and for the rest of the winter season!

Posted: December 19, 2016

Esgenoopetitj School Merry Monday Christmas Sweater Day!! 
Today was an awesome day!
There were elves, Santas, lots of red and green, glitter and pizazz!!
Everyone looked festive and the jingling of bells, ringing of excited voices could be heard for MILES around the school!

Posted: December 19, 2016

Esgenoopetitj School Calendars are still for sale!!
Parents, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles, Families, please note that Esgenoopetitj School calendars are for sale at $10.00 a piece! They are going fast and there are about 25 left! They will be available for sale during our Christmas concert tomorrow!! These make a great gift to cherish childhood school memories! Don't forget to pick up your copy today or tomorrow!! 


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