Posted: June 9, 2016

School Closure: Friday, June 10, 2016 due to the preparations for the community election. Have a great long weekend everyone! 

Posted: June 9, 2016

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17, 2016 (Day 1 to Day 5)-
(Day 1) Monday, June 13:
Taco Bake.
(Day 2) Tuesday, June 14:
Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 3) Wednesday, June 15:
Spaghetti & Meatsauce.
(Day 4) Thursday, June 16:
Chicken Vegetable & Rice Casserole.
(Day 5) Friday, June 17:

Posted: June 8, 2016

K-4 Graduate Tassels Have Arrived!! 
Parents of K-4 Graduates:
Please come to the school and pick up your graduate's tassel from the K-4 class. Our apologies for the late arrival! We wished that they would have arrived on time but you may pick them up at any time. They are a great memorial of their first graduation and a very special day!
Thank you!
Miss Jones and Nat.

Posted: June 7, 2016

Library and Classroom Library Book Returns Beginning Tomorrow: Wednesday, June 8, 2016!!
Hey Everyone! Students and Parents/Guardians!! 
It is coming very close to that final time of the year where we start wrapping up all our hard work, cleaning out desks and starting our field trips!

Posted: June 5, 2016

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10, 2016 (Day 2 to Day 1)-
(Day 2) Monday, June 6:
Rice & Hamburg Casserole with Barley Soup.
(Day 3) Tuesday, June 7:
Chicken Nuggets & Mashed Potatoes.
(Day 4) Wednesday, June 8:
(Day 5) Thursday, June 9:
Beef Stew & Mashed Potatoes.
Friday, June 10:
No School.

Posted: May 31, 2016

The bus will be running tomorrow, June 1st!
Thank you for your patience!

Posted: May 30, 2016

K-4 Orientation Days: Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, 2016:
Parents/Guardians, Please Note: 
K-4 Orientation will be held this week on Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, for little ones born in 2012. Orientation will be held on both days from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Parents may come and drop in to check the classroom and fill out registration forms between these hours. Please bring your child's medicare with you at this time.
We look forward to seeing everyone! 
Thank you! 

Posted: May 29, 2016

URGENT! Esgenoopetitj School Bus Notice for Monday, May 30 and Possibly, Tuesday, May 31, 2016!
Parents/Guardians Please Note:
There will be NO BUS for Esgenoopetitj School ONLY: 
Monday, May 30 and POSSIBLY, Tuesday, May 31, 2016.
Please make alternate arrangements to transport your child to and from school. This will be updated before Tuesday.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you! 

Posted: May 29, 2016

Esgenoopetitj School Menu: Monday, May 30 to Friday, June 3 (Day 2 to Day 1)-
(Day 2) Monday, May 30:
BBQ Chicken & Rice.
(Day 3) Tuesday, May 31:
Shepherd's Pie.
(Day 4) Wednesday, June 1:
Macaroni & Hamburg.
(Day 5) Thursday, June 2:
Grilled Cheese & Chicken Soup.
(Day 1) Friday, June 3:
Baked Fish (Fish Sticks) & Mashed Potatoes.

Posted: May 29, 2016

K-4 Nursery Field Trip Postponed Until Tuesday, May 31 Due to Risk of Thundershowers.
Parents/Guardians of K-4 Nursery Students, please note:
Nursery will be holding REGULARLY scheduled classes tomorrow as the Field Trip is postponed until Tuesday, May 31, 2016 due to the risk of thundershowers tomorrow.
Thank you! 
Ms. Jones & Nat.


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