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Wooden Yellow: A Poem by Chyra Francis; Grade 8 Esgenoopetitj School

I have many talents.
I can write books, songs, and poems. 
I can jot down schedules, reminders
and notes.
I can sketch landscapes, skyscrapers
and oceans.

I have the ability to write romantic
ideals to thrilling scenarios.
My work could make you feel
paranoid, joyous, skeptical and more.
Because of that, my literature
fills library shelves.

What I can draw is endless; my paper
could be filled with flowers, grass and 
trees, or a scene of a sandy beach.
My sketches can be turned into art
with watercolors and paintbrushes.
And because of that, my masterpieces
are hung on museum walls.

I am brilliant because I was
engineered to be that way.
I am mostly wooden.
My head could be snapped, broken
and dulled; but you could fix me in 
a second.
I have a nub, that is the reason my 
mistakes disappear.
Who else do you know that can erase
their faults like me?

I have many talents, because
I am a wooden pencil.

June 2017.