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Update for Poetry Corner for Students!
If there are any students who would like to submit a poem, a piece of writing or a song you may have created on your own to the Poetry Corner, please forward it to your homeroom teacher for review and we can add it to this space!
Thank you!

Wooden Yellow: A Poem by Chyra Francis; Grade 8 Esgenoopetitj School

I have many talents.
I can write books, songs, and poems. 
I can jot down schedules, reminders
and notes.
I can sketch landscapes, skyscrapers
and oceans.

I have the ability to write romantic
ideals to thrilling scenarios.
My work could make you feel
paranoid, joyous, skeptical and more.
Because of that, my literature
fills library shelves.

What I can draw is endless; my paper
could be filled with flowers, grass and 
trees, or a scene of a sandy beach.
My sketches can be turned into art
with watercolors and paintbrushes.
And because of that, my masterpieces
are hung on museum walls.

I am brilliant because I was
engineered to be that way.
I am mostly wooden.
My head could be snapped, broken
and dulled; but you could fix me in 
a second.
I have a nub, that is the reason my 
mistakes disappear.
Who else do you know that can erase
their faults like me?

I have many talents, because
I am a wooden pencil.

June 2017.