Ms. Ellison

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Dear Parents:
My name is Ms. Ellison and I am your child's Literacy Support Teacher. I may have sent a book home with your child starting yesterday, Monday, September 11, 2017. I request of the parents and guardians each night for the younger students especially, that you please sit with your child and listen to them read. This should be the full book for Grade 2's.
If your child is in Grade 4/5, my requested reading time is: 20 minutes MINIMUM per night from their books. It is my hope that again, a parent or guardian will be sitting with your child and listening to their reading practice each night. I will be assigning some other homework in the days to come but for this week, reading practice is what will be sent home.
If your child is in Middle school and I have sent a book home with them, their reading time is a MINIMUM of 20 minutes per night, preferably a minimum of 30 minutes though. However, if they are interested in reading longer, they may do so! 
PLEASE FOR ALL GRADES, HAVE YOUR CHILDREN RETURN THEIR ASSIGNED BOOKS DAILY! This is very important so they will have their book to read during the time I take them, or during quiet reading times. 
I will be sending a Reading log home with them this week as well. 
Thank you and sincerely, 
Ms. Ellison
Literacy Support-Esgenoopetitj School. 

Due Date: 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Posted: September 3, 2017

Hello and welcome back to all the students and parents! I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break and that the new school year is full of excitement and anticipation of many new experiences! As you know, I am your Literacy Support teacher. Within the next few weeks, I will begin working with new students. I welcome any questions and your appreciated support from home to help guide your children through their Literacy learning path! I will continue to update my Teacher page as the time goes. I will be posting homework and other important notices. Please be reminded that when I send homework home, I require a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of reading per night. I am always so excited to begin working with your children because it is amazing to see them grasp reading concepts and build confidence in reading and writing!
Thank you! 
Ms. Ellison

Missing Books! Please Return As Soon As Possible!
If your child has received a note in their homework from me, in regards to any missing classroom books, I would appreciate if you would take the time to look around your home and please send the books from my classroom back as soon as possible. 
Thank you!
Ms. Ellison 

Posted: March 3, 2016

Parents of Ms. Ellison's Students:
Please have a look around your homes for any books that may belong to my class. Your child will know which ones need to be returned. I would appreciate if they can be returned by tomorrow: Friday, March 4, 2016 OR at the latest by the first week after the March Break: March 14 to 18. These books are part of my classroom library and they also may be books that the students have not had a chance to finish reading. I appreciate your help in finding and returning any misplaced books!
Thank you!
Ms. Ellison

Hey Students and Parents! The book orders that my students are bringing home today, are due back with both the book order and money, by Friday, January 22, 2016! Thank you!! Ms. Ellison 
Parents, Guardians and Students in Literacy Support, The contents of my homework bags usually consist daily of a book to read, a vocabulary list (every so many days with a specific testing date marked on it), a homework sheet for parents to sign (lower elementary) and a reading log for upper grades to complete AFTER you have finished reading.My homework requirements daily for all students is to read for a minimum of 20 minutes (or more),, in the book I send home, have homework sheet or reading logs signed and updated AFTER you have completed homework. Students are to take care of the materials that are sent home every evening, including the plastic bag (provided to prevent rain or snow from damaging homework materials). Homework is to be completed every evening and parents' attention to the materials that your child brings home is required. I request from all parents/guardians that your child has an adult to sit and read to or with, depending on the difficulty of the book or as well, for the pure enjoyment purposes of reading together. A child that has someone to listen to while they are reading out loud, is a child that is strengthening their reading skills. I appreciate your attention to your child's homework. Thank you! Ms. Ellison Literacy Support
Hey Students, Parents & Guardians! I have sent a small package of Scholastic book orders home for September. I am requesting that you return them by Thursday, September 24, 2015 in the afternoon at the latest. If you cannot return them by this date, but would still like to order, please send me a note from you, the parent/guardian and let me know when you wish to order. I will be sending out book orders for every month after this and I will usually be requesting them within a few days after the 20th of each month! Your purchase from Scholastic helps to build a classroom library at school! I appreciate and thank you for your support for your child's reading journey!  Ms. Ellison "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"-Dr. Seuss 
Welcome Back to All Literacy Support and Read 180 Students and Parents!We've had a great start to the new school year 2015-16 so far with new changes and great things planned! As you may know, I'm the Literacy Support/Read 180 teacher! I am currently taking some students from various grades for Literacy Support and we have a half hour (30 min) support session to build and strengthen skills in reading and writing. I'm so excited to be working with your children! I have a request for parents every evening and that is to ensure that your child does all their homework that is assigned every evening, from both my class and their other subjects (homeroom class also).My homework USUALLY consists of a minimum of 20 minutes per night reading from the book that they take home from me (in the bag). I may also include on some days, extra items to be completed for the next day. I am asking all of you, parents and guardians, to guide your child through their homework, whether it is from me or from their classroom, by listening to them read their books and given attention to their other subject homework. As you may or may not know, a child that has an audience while reading aloud, gains better momentum, speed and reading fluency, rather than a child who has no attention while they are doing their assignments. This also provides lovely comforting parent/child time together, sitting and relaxing with a good book and great discussion about the book afterwards! I'm asking for you to give your children that much needed attention and time while they are reading out loud! They will appreciate it and the outcome will begin to strengthen towards becoming successful readers and writers. In their homework bag, they will have a book from my class and a homework sheet or reading log. I am asking parents to sign the homework sheets or initial the reading logs in the section where your child has finished reading! Thank you and I appreciate your support in your child's learning journey! Ms. EllisonLiteracy Support/Read 180Together we can build strong readers and writers! "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"-Dr. Seuss 
Reminder to Read 180 Students: Books & Signed Vocabulary Tests, to be returned by Friday, June 5!! 
Hey Read 180 Students! This is just a reminder to please return ALL READ 180 BOOKS and ANY BOOKS MARKED M.E. or Ms. ELLISON (with the hearts on them) from your homes by Friday, June 5, 2015, so I can have all our classroom library books accounted for and marked off before the summer break! I appreciate if you can all take a look at home and begin your collection return by this coming Monday, June 1/15! Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend!! :)Ms. EllisonRead 180