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April Showers Bring May Flowers, Welcome to May 2020!!
Spelling Words for Tuesday, February 3, 2015: #'s 106 to 120:1. work 6. me 11. after2. know 7. back 12. thing3. place 8. give 13. our4. year 9. most 14. just5. live  10. very 15. nameBe sure to study your words using Spell, Cover, Spell Aloud, Check, Repeat. *Come prepared for each class, every day: books, book bag and class materials!
Reminder to All Read 180 Students for tomorrow and every day. Please come prepared to class with your book, book bag and homework materials. This is a part of your class participation as well as your homework. Please be sure you have begun to work on your book's Quick Write if you haven't already started it, if you are currently at the section required. Thank you! Ms. Ellison. 
Read 180: Spelling Words to Study for Monday, January 26, 2015:1. long 2. down 11. new3. day 12. sound4. did 13. take5. get 14. only 6. come 15. little 7. made8. may9. part10. over*Be sure to take the time to say, spell, cover, say, spell, uncover, and check each word. *Always come to class on time and be prepared with Read 180 book and class materials.Thank you, Miss Ellison. 
Read 180 Class: Study!! Spelling Words for Friday, January 16, 2015:1. number2. no3. way4. could5. people6. my 7. than8. first9. water10. been11. call12. who13. oil14. now15. find

Posted: January 12, 2015

Hi Read 180 Students, please be reminded that your homework for tonight consists of the sheet that I have sent home, plus the 20 minutes of reading (or more) per night from the book you have brought home with you. Please be aware that you will be required to do your book test once you have completed your book, so please read carefully and make notes of important details in the section on your reading log, this is what that is for! Be sure to bring all materials and book bags every day to class and home every night for reading practice! Thank you! Miss Ellison 

Posted: January 6, 2015

Students! Reading: Please be sure you are reading a minimum of 20 minutes from your chosen Read 180 class books, you may challenge yourself to longer than 20 minutes, but at the minimum, you must be reading 20 minutes every evening! Be sure to complete your Reading Log after you complete your reading each night. Fill in from the page you finished last reading, to the pages you have read at home. Also, be sure to include in the comments section of the Reading Log, written in a good sentence, something that stood out in your mind about what you have read, maybe a question that pops into your head about what you are reading or something related to what you have just finished reading. I encourage also, if you find any interesting quotes that you liked from any of the characters, you might wish to add that to your comment section! Spelling: Be sure to study your spelling words #'s 61 to 70 for Friday, January 9, 2015! Also, bring ALL materials every day to class: Your book, any other assigned materials and your bag that you keep your reading contents in. Thank you and have fun with your reading!! :) 
Happy New Year, Everyone! I want to welcome all my students from both Literacy Support and Read 180 back for a great and positive brand new year! Happy 2015! Can you believe it's already here! The future! Your future has arrived! This is awesome!A few things that I would like to remind parents and students is that in my class:Homework must be completed each night it is assigned and returned with the proper materials in the bag provided the next day. All materials: books and whatever is in your child's homework bag must be returned for use in their following class.In my Read 180 class: Homework is to be completed nightly, even if it's only reading that is assigned. The minimum time limit of reading is 20 minutes per night, and I expect that the minimum is completed. Daily Reading Journals MUST be completed after every session of reading. You must fill in the date, the page you started reading to the page you completed in that reading session. I also expect to see in your daily reading journals, your opinion or something you remember from each reading session in the section provided. As the new year now approaches, you will be expected to complete new homework assignments from my class, whether it will be on paper or from your own personal dashboards at home.This program is for your benefit. Only you can individually own your success from as much as you are willing to challenge yourself and put forward to benefit your own success stories! I wish to see all the success stories and hear that you are into reading, loving books and have a joy of opening a new adventure! I'm so excited and happy that I will see all my students tomorrow! Let's have an awesome year!!

Posted: January 5, 2015

New Brunswick Storm and Weather Centre

Hi Parents, please use this link to keep updated with the current weather advisories, storm warnings and other alerts including cancellations! Thanks! 
Hey Parents and Kids! Just a reminder to please return all books that you currently have at home from either Literacy Support (younger children) or from Read 180 (older kids in the afternoon class). It is important that I have these books back, as the classroom library is of limited supply and all books are needed in the classroom! Please have them returned by tomorrow, Monday, December 15 or Wednesday, December 17th at the latest!  Thank you and I appreciate it very much! Ms. Ellison 
Literacy Support: Grades 1 & 2:Hey Parents and Guardians!!Please ensure that your child is reading every night, or when they bring home their little plastic book bag containing between one and three books and usually a cut up sentence or some other hands on activity that is included in their envelope within the book bag! It is important that your child reads every night to strengthen their: Fluency, Intonation (Sound and Pronounciation), and Reading Comprehension skills! It is important that you spend the amount of their reading time, giving to them your time to listen, to assist and to cheer them on! A child who has someone to listen to them read, helps to strengthen their reading as well as their writing skills. I encourage you as parents to not only listen to them reading, but to share reading, take turns, share character parts, or take turns reading parts of the books that your child has brought home! Encourage your child (if there is a character(s) in the story), to become that character and to attempt to read in what they think would be the character's voice! You may even model a "voice" and encourage your child to try it! Reading not only strengthens learning; it opens the door to new and wonderous worlds!  


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