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Posted: November 18, 2014

Read 180 Website for Registered Esgenoopetitj School Student Access Only.

Students and Parents/Guardians! Here is the link for your Read 180 Student Dashboard! Feel free to login at home and explore!  Be Sure to Click ALLOW for the Microphone Access once you are ready to login on the Dashboard! ***(Parents they need to allow the microphone so they will have access to the sounds required on their Zones!)***Be sure to show your Parents/Guardians your progress and explain as best as possible to them what you have learned so far from exploring the Dashboard, going to the e-Reads, and the other activities you have explored! Also, once you have completed a book and are confident enough to do a test at home and are able to remember how to search for the book, you may go onto the Scholastic Reading Counts Section and do a search for your quiz (remember to type the Title or Author EXACTLY how it spells on the book or you may not get the right quiz!You may also complete your Reading Zone recordings if you have access to a mic through your computer (Remember that you have to allow the microphone access when you are logging in!) When you are completely finished with the website, DO NOT forget to LOG OUT! Do not just X OUT! :) Have fun! Miss Ellison 
Your classroom assigned homework is priority as is Read 180 homework! However, if you are aware of upcoming tests, heavy assignments, ect from your classroom, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me and let me know what is happening in your class! We want to ensure that this program is supplementing your classroom work activity, and not overwhelming you! The most important homework that you can do is to do your 20 minutes or more of reading from your Read 180 book that you have chosen! 
Think Skill Building! Everything Starts Small and Grows!! (#'s 31 to 45)31. but32. not33. what34. all35. were36. we37. when38. your39. can 40. said41. there42. use43. an44. each45. which**Please note: During Test Time, we number from 1 to 15. Be sure to say the word out loud, spell, cover, check, repeat!  

Posted: November 18, 2014

Read 180 Homework Reminder: 11/18/141. Read a MINIMUM of 20 minutes per night. Fill in your Reading Logs! (Page Started to Page Finished)2. Study Spelling Words: #31 to 46 for Friday.3. Using your rBook and your White Cards that were provided: From Pages 9 through 14: Find all your Target Words or Bolded Words and Meanings (Usually beside them!).1 Card=1 Word per Card.1 Definition written under your Target Word, which will be placed on the first line of your card.4. I will also be connecting the link for your Read 180 Student Dashboard, on my Teacher Page. Please feel free to sign in at home, using your same name and password as in class! Explore! Explore! Explore!! Have a wonderful evening Kids! See you tomorrow!! :)  
Hey Kids! This is just a reminder to each of you, how wonderful you are doing in class! Our routines are coming along smoother, our rotations are ON time and right to the exact time in wrapping up! I'm so proud of all of you! Please continue to work hard at being respectful to each other, to remind yourselves not only in our class, but in all of your classes, how important it is to be a bucket filler and to be respectful and kind to each other. This doesn't happen only one day out of the week, it must be practiced every minute of every single day of our lives! To always be kind, respectful, always be truthful and honest to ourselves and to every one, builds a strong world. Every single one of you have the energy to be builders of a strong tomorrow, by working hard in school now; to work hard to have team spirit and be kind and caring together and everyone! What I would like to also remind all my students is the importance of reading our books EVERY night at home, for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes each night! Don't forget to do the following after you have read:Reading Logs: Write the page you have started reading from at night and then the page you finished reading for the night!Be sure to put your name and the date on your reading log as well! It is so important to read at least 20 minutes (which is less time than a cartoon on tv or 1 game on your xbox!) and it gives you so much knowledge!! Reading not only builds connections from new knowledge and prior knowledge in your connection with the world around you, but it ALSO builds your brain and helps grow your body! Yes! Reading does that because it is exercising your brain, which is connected to your heart and both of those organs help your body perform and grow as it should! SO READ AND GROW WITH KNOWLEDGE!! Also, ALWAYS come prepared to learn for class, with your books and materials required! Thank you!! :) Ms Ellison 

Posted: October 19, 2014

Hey Parents and Kids, just a note to let everyone know how our progress is coming along. So it's officially into Week 2 so far! The kids are doing awesome, learning the routines of how the class is to be conducted, knowing what to expect and learning to perform rotations to our different stations, quickly, quietly and efficiently. As you may notice, so far there is not a lot of homework and mostly the homework that will come about will be in reading format. Up to date, there has been reading homework assigned for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes per night. If your child wishes to continue past the 20 minute limit, they are free to do so. Homework for parents for now, is to take some time to sit and listen to your child read at least a few pages out loud. They may enjoy to choose to silent read, and this is great, but I would appreciate at least 2 to 3 pages if not more would be listened by a parent or guardian. This is to ensure that their reading sounds smooth and fluent. Some of the books maybe a bit harder, slightly out of their comfort zones but this is fine, as long as they are not frustrated with their reading. I encourage them to challenge themselves, but not so that the reading causes frustrations. Please assist with words, where needed. Thank you and I will continue to keep you updated with the progress, as the program begins to take more shape and more work is expected of the students. The first three weeks involve routine setting, clarification of rotations and tasks that they are to do within the 20 minute rotations. They did awesome on Friday, I would like to thank all of them! Amazing job, Kids!! :) Thank you to all the parents and students for your constant effort with strengthening your Literacy thinking and skills!! :) Miss EllisonRead 180/Literacy Support Teacher. 

Posted: September 30, 2014

I would like to thank every student both the individual Literacy Support students and the Read 180 class for being completely awesome this week! You have all be super co-operative and very kind and caring to each other, as well as working hard! You did a great job! Enjoy your day off tomorrow and keep up the great work!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! *HIGH FIVES TO ALL* 

Posted: September 29, 2014

For the Students of the Read 180 Class: The Top Rules of Our Class Are: 1. Respect Each Other, Our Teacher and Our Classroom!2. Listen Carefully to the Teacher and to Each Other! Everyone will have a chance to speak. 3. Be Pro-Active and Productive! This class is for all the students currently enrolled in the Read 180 program! It is for YOUR BENEFIT, to improve reading and writing skills; to strengthen any weaknesses that we can help to overcome and continue you on the road to reading!  My expectations of this class are: All students come prepared to listen and to learn. We listen to whole group instruction first, and then we can ask questions.We do not interrupt teacher during instruction and we do not interrupt others when they are speaking. Everyone in the class is equal and we treat each other as equals; therefore, there will be a chance for everyone to have a turn speaking. When it is time to move to our group stations, we move quickly and quietly. (This will be constantly practiced)When we have completed our full class, we line up at the door, quickly and quietly, in the order that I have given you today.Before dismissal, an exit question will be asked of each student. You are required to provide a thought, no answer is wrong, it is from your experience in class that day.  If you are shy, that is ok! No one will be left out, but you will be required to participate in active discussion, we're all here to support each other.IF homework is assigned, it MUST be returned the next day.You are all awesome, there will be no one treated any differently than the other. If you are having a bad day, please leave anger at the door; we will treat each other peacefully. If you need to dispel some negative vibes, you need to come talk to me, upon entering class and we can figure out a way to deal with the situation positively. One final thing, NEVER hesistate to ask questions!! All questions are important!! It helps us all learn about each other and the world around us!  

Posted: September 29, 2014

Hi Parents! Some of you may have received several sheets from your child today, from Read 180! This is my new class that I've just begun. I have been referred to some students who have been selected for literacy support needs. In our Read 180 class, your child will be given literacy support in a Daily 5 style rotation method. We will begin class every day with a Whole Group introduction to that day's session and work. We will then break off into groups doing different types of lesson activities. One group will be working in a small group format with the teacher, while the second group will be reading independently, and the third group will be work within the Read 180 student dashboard and e-lessons at the computer station. Each rotation is 20 minutes, and once the 20 minutes is up, all of the groups will rotate to the next session for a total of a 90-minute class. The purpose of this class is to maintain a smaller size, and have the students interacting with different stations within the 90 minute class to achieve strength in different areas of literacy and independence in literacy skills. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school after 2:00 p.m. Thank you and I am very excited and looking forward to working with your kids with this new and exciting program

Posted: September 23, 2014

Dear Parents: Thank you for your attention to your children's literacy support needs. Your child is now enrolled in Literacy Support. This will last for approximately 20 weeks or as long as the support need is required. Each night, your child will bring home a bag, 2 books and a cut up sentence. Please have your child read both texts, organize the cut-up sentence and re-read, have them break the sentence up and reconstruct it again, and re-read. Please assist your child with any difficult vocabulary or any questions that your child may have in regards to what they are reading. If they read a sentence in error, ask them if it makes sense and have them re-read the sentence in whole. Please initial the homework sheet ONLY after homework has been completed and return all books, homework sheet and the cut-up sentence in the bag provided, every day. Your cooperation in helping your child at home is very appreciated. It is important to understand that with practice each night, in addition to the 30 minutes of support your child receives each day, strengthens your child's literacy skills in both reading and writing. Our goal is to not only strengthen your child's skills to grade level, but to build enjoyment in both reading and writing. I wish to see your child's creativity and thinking in reading and writing strategies strengthen and expanded. I want them to experience the joy of reading and writing and understand that it is not simply "just homework", but a way to express themselves and journey into the world of reading, on their own! :) Thank you! Miss Ellison  


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