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Welcome to February 2020, ALREADY! Have a great month, work hard and be HEART HEALTHY!!!
This is a reminder to parents of students enrolled in the Reading Recovery Program. The Reading Recovery program is provided to your students as a regularly scheduled daily program designed to provide a boost in your child’s literacy experience and learning in school. This program runs daily during the regular school schedule and runs for a total of 20 weeks. Your child is enrolled for the full 20 weeks required for the boost that they are to receive in learning to read and write at their grade level. If your child is consistently missing time, late for class or not completely nightly homework, they are not gaining the boost that they need and will not be able to complete the program successfully, which will not be helpful for their success towards Grade 2 entry. Please ensure that your child is attending school regularly, is on time and has completed homework each night. It is important that homework is done each evening (preferably not the morning before they leave for school), as continuous incomplete homework shows in their success levels daily at school. If homework is incomplete, your child will find it hard to gain reading or writing strength in new levelled books. They change levels frequently and this is very important for them to read each night and complete their sentence structure strips. Please take the time to sit and listen to your child while they read and help them as they build their sentence and re-read it to you. I thank you and appreciate your help towards your child’s literacy path and learning! J                                                                                                                           Miss Melissa Ellison                                                                                                          Reading Recovery: Esgenoopetitj School.
Welcome to all of my new group of Reading Recovery students and parents/guardians! I would just like to let you know a few things about the Reading Recovery Program! First of all: The program is designed to boost both the reading levels and performance of your child's reading level and abilities! This also includes their writing skills! It is a 30-minute intensive program, where there are two books read at first, then a third book in which a Running Record (which is a record of your child's reading, that is completed every day). Then we do a letter match, a comparison of two letters, in either the sounds or visual. Then we do what is known as Breaking Words Apart (BWA) in which I simply take a word, model it for your child by spelling, then saying the word, breaking it apart where the main sounds connect and put it back together. The child repeats this pattern and a concrete understanding of the word, spelling and chunking methods of that word is introduced. After that, your child will do their writing. They have their writing notebooks in which blank sheets of paper are used without lines, to help your child improve their writing skills without the distraction of a line. This also strengthens the hand coordination while they are writing. I then conduct a little Running Record on their story as they re-read it to me and then I write it out on a paper strip, cut it and have them re-organize it. Finally, we do the new text. It is an introduction to the new story, where I would model some difficult areas with your child and then have them begin their reading of it. This is all enveloped in a 30-minute solid structure. The program is intensive, lots of homework each night and a great deal of co-operation is required of your child as well, in order to get all their tasks completed in a full 30 minute class. It is vitally important that parents have their child do their homework each night, even on the weekend, as the program is intensive and must be followed. Your support is greatly appreciated by helping your child each night and ensuring their work is done in complete, signed and returned each day! Thank you and Good Luck to All the New Students!! :) Sincerely, Miss Ellison
I would just like to say congratulations to my Group #1 of the Reading Recovery Program for the completion and discontinuation of the program! It was a long daily process, with lots of work in readin gand writing involved! The four students have successfully completed their program and are continuing on their way becoming fabulous readers and writers!! YAAAY!! HIGH FIVE TO ALL!!
Our Esgenoopetitj Reading Recovery Student Group 2011-2012! They're so awesome! The Sky's the Limit!!Reach for the Stars and Open a Book to a New World Waiting to be Discovered!! :)
Hi Parents! This is just a little note to let everybody know that the final few weeks are upon us for the first group of Reading Recovery Students! Just a reminder for parents AND students how important it is to: Read! Read! Read! Whenever possible, parents, offer your children valuable reading materials! Encourage the love of books or the love of reading in general! Tips to get them reading, cereal boxes have lots of exciting print, colorful comic pages and comic books and borrowing is always free from the library at our school! I am asking the parents to please continue their children's love of reading even after their program is done, for the rest of their lives! Reading can only be great for them!! :) Also, keeping reading in mind, please be sure your child is reading their assigned work from me, and assembling their cut up sentences each night! Have your child read to you and scramble the words up in their cut up sentences for them to re-organize and re-read! They should read their sentences at least 2 to 3 times after they have been scrambled! Please sign their homework sheets AFTER their homework has been fully completed! Your assistance is your encouragement for your child's progress in their reading journey and it is appreciated by everybody, especially your child! :) Thank you and have a great week!! :) ~Miss Ellison Reading Recovery Esgenoopetitj~

Posted: December 7, 2011

NORAD Santa Sky Tracker

Activities and the OFFICIAL Santa's Sky Tracker for Christmas Eve!! This should bring lots of excitement and perhaps some extra great writing ideas! :)

Posted: December 7, 2011

Seussville-Dr. Seuss website! Fun!

Sharing a few exciting reading related links for parents & children to have fun with! :)
Hi Parents and Children!  Just a little note to say that I'm so glad to see the progress the children are making! They are working hard and have did a lot of hard work from Septemeber until now! I would like to thank the Parents for attending their children's Parental Observation day! Your attention to their reading and homework is excellent! This shows up in their daily lessons and it is appreciated by myself and the children, as it reduces any stresses along their reading and writing journies!As I always stress, it is of utter importance that the children read, read and re-read!! They are building stamina, fluency and strength in both reading and writing skills! This also includes reading on weekends, even if there is no assigned homework from class, my class assigns weekend homework to build this strength that they require! I appreciate your cooperation in helping them complete their weekend homework as well as during the weekdays! :)                                         Thank You!                                           Miss Ellison                                   ~Reading Recovery~
A reminder to parents of students in the Reading Recovery Program: Tomorrow, Thursday, December 1, 2011 is Parent Observation Day. Your timed observation has been sent home with your child in their homework bag. Please be sure to arrive for that time. I am requesting observation only during the complete lesson and then I will bring your child back to class. After this, I am available for any discussion about their lesson after your child has been returned to class. Thank you for attending your child's observation class in advance and I am excited to have your presence during our lesson!! :) See you tomorrow! Miss Ellison

Posted: November 27, 2011

I would like to mention at this time, how happy I am to be seeing the progress of the children who are in the Reading Recovery Program! They are coming along well in their progress, but as always, lots of reading and writing practice makes for stronger Readers and Writers! I am encouraging parents to continue listening to their children read and help them with their writing homework and building sentence skills every evening. This is true for both RR homework AND Classroom homework! All homework needs to be completed when assigned, as it ensures your child benefits from the skills they are practicing each night. Please take time to read to your child at any other times too. Listening to a parent/guardian read a book to a child is as important for the child, as is their own reading. After you have completed reading the book to them, talk about it! Having a discussion about the book, strengthens their recalling skills and allows them to familiarize themselves both with the characters in the story and the events that happen in the book! It is also one of the most wonderful ways of bonding with a child! Snuggling together and listening to a wonderful story, takes you both to another time and place, which part of building creativity within your child! Thank you and please keep on reading!! :) Miss Ellison


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