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Posted: September 30, 2014

I would like to thank every student both the individual Literacy Support students and the Read 180 class for being completely awesome this week! You have all be super co-operative and very kind and caring to each other, as well as working hard! You did a great job! Enjoy your day off tomorrow and keep up the great work!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! *HIGH FIVES TO ALL* 

Posted: September 29, 2014

For the Students of the Read 180 Class: The Top Rules of Our Class Are: 1. Respect Each Other, Our Teacher and Our Classroom!2. Listen Carefully to the Teacher and to Each Other! Everyone will have a chance to speak. 3. Be Pro-Active and Productive! This class is for all the students currently enrolled in the Read 180 program! It is for YOUR BENEFIT, to improve reading and writing skills; to strengthen any weaknesses that we can help to overcome and continue you on the road to reading!  My expectations of this class are: All students come prepared to listen and to learn. We listen to whole group instruction first, and then we can ask questions.We do not interrupt teacher during instruction and we do not interrupt others when they are speaking. Everyone in the class is equal and we treat each other as equals; therefore, there will be a chance for everyone to have a turn speaking. When it is time to move to our group stations, we move quickly and quietly. (This will be constantly practiced)When we have completed our full class, we line up at the door, quickly and quietly, in the order that I have given you today.Before dismissal, an exit question will be asked of each student. You are required to provide a thought, no answer is wrong, it is from your experience in class that day.  If you are shy, that is ok! No one will be left out, but you will be required to participate in active discussion, we're all here to support each other.IF homework is assigned, it MUST be returned the next day.You are all awesome, there will be no one treated any differently than the other. If you are having a bad day, please leave anger at the door; we will treat each other peacefully. If you need to dispel some negative vibes, you need to come talk to me, upon entering class and we can figure out a way to deal with the situation positively. One final thing, NEVER hesistate to ask questions!! All questions are important!! It helps us all learn about each other and the world around us!  

Posted: September 29, 2014

Hi Parents! Some of you may have received several sheets from your child today, from Read 180! This is my new class that I've just begun. I have been referred to some students who have been selected for literacy support needs. In our Read 180 class, your child will be given literacy support in a Daily 5 style rotation method. We will begin class every day with a Whole Group introduction to that day's session and work. We will then break off into groups doing different types of lesson activities. One group will be working in a small group format with the teacher, while the second group will be reading independently, and the third group will be work within the Read 180 student dashboard and e-lessons at the computer station. Each rotation is 20 minutes, and once the 20 minutes is up, all of the groups will rotate to the next session for a total of a 90-minute class. The purpose of this class is to maintain a smaller size, and have the students interacting with different stations within the 90 minute class to achieve strength in different areas of literacy and independence in literacy skills. If you have any questions, please contact me at the school after 2:00 p.m. Thank you and I am very excited and looking forward to working with your kids with this new and exciting program

Posted: September 23, 2014

Dear Parents: Thank you for your attention to your children's literacy support needs. Your child is now enrolled in Literacy Support. This will last for approximately 20 weeks or as long as the support need is required. Each night, your child will bring home a bag, 2 books and a cut up sentence. Please have your child read both texts, organize the cut-up sentence and re-read, have them break the sentence up and reconstruct it again, and re-read. Please assist your child with any difficult vocabulary or any questions that your child may have in regards to what they are reading. If they read a sentence in error, ask them if it makes sense and have them re-read the sentence in whole. Please initial the homework sheet ONLY after homework has been completed and return all books, homework sheet and the cut-up sentence in the bag provided, every day. Your cooperation in helping your child at home is very appreciated. It is important to understand that with practice each night, in addition to the 30 minutes of support your child receives each day, strengthens your child's literacy skills in both reading and writing. Our goal is to not only strengthen your child's skills to grade level, but to build enjoyment in both reading and writing. I wish to see your child's creativity and thinking in reading and writing strategies strengthen and expanded. I want them to experience the joy of reading and writing and understand that it is not simply "just homework", but a way to express themselves and journey into the world of reading, on their own! :) Thank you! Miss Ellison  

Posted: August 28, 2014

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Hey Everyone!! I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all the returning and new students and staff next week! This year, I will be conducting my Literacy Support Individualized Reading program in the morning with the selected Grade 1 students. For students in higher grades, I will be beginning a new program called Read 180, which is similar to the Daily 5, except we are also on computers! It will be similar to a computer lab and a Daily 5 class, but it will be involving older students who will be needing extra Literacy Support! I believe in the strengths of every student in our school. Every child brings forth to their world, individual gifts and talents. I strongly believe that with support of parents, students believing in themselves and their own strengths, and the support of the school staff, all students have strong potential and capability in every subject area and though you may find difficulty in some areas of study, that is natural. It is with proper support and nurturing of the skills you have in you, that these skills surface with practice, patience and understanding of you, not only as a student, but as an individually gifted person within your whole life. It is up to all of us to work together, both teachers, parents and students, to help you all shine and show your talents! With that, I wish you all one aweseome school year and I am very excited to work with each and every new student! Have a great year, everyone! Esgenoopetitj Students Rock!! Thank you!Miss Ellison 
Parents and Guardians of Literacy Support Students:We are coming close to the last few months of our school year. I would like to emphasize how important it is for your children to be completing and returning their homework and books each day in both your child's own regularly scheduled classes as well, with Literacy Support. Your child practices with me for 30 minutes a day, various strategies and skills needed to improve and bring your child's reading and writing skills up to grade level with their peers. I send home in the evenings, between 1 and 2 books and either words to practice or a cut up sentence to re-organize, and re-read. Frequently, I do not receive the child's homework back the next day, which means that if I do not have a spare copy of the book they brought home, they do not get to practice the next day's reading on that text. If the child returns the homework incompleted, I am very aware that they have not completed their evening reading, because their reading does not maintain fluency and becomes choppy and the child's frustration level increases as they did not practice what they were supposed to the previous evening. I will usually send home a book between 1 to 3 times, depending on the accuracy and familiarity the child gains in reading that book, then we test a new one, and that gets sent home after the other book has become familiar. In reading, they are gaining new sight word knowledge and strengthening their known words, as well as in writing. Please have your children complete their homework in complete each night. If your child is absent, then the homework they had the night before their absence must be their homework again that night. I appreciate your insight into this and your attention to their literacy strengthening and development! Thank you, Miss Ellison Literacy Support.
I would like to welcome my new students to your Literacy Support Year 2013-14. I welcome parents to check in regularly on my Teacher Page. I am currently working with Grade 1 Students for Literacy Support. In my class, students receive an individually designed one-on-one lesson for 30 minutes daily.  In this lesson, they will follow this format:1. Reading 2 or 3 familiar books: Your child will read 2 to 3 familiar books that they have already had a Running Record completed on and are now familiar with this book. 2. Reading Yesterday's New Book: As your child reads the new book that they have been introduced to yesterday, a running record is taken: After the running record, work is done together to strengthen your child's reading skills.3.  Letter Work/Breaking Words Apart (BWA): This is done with magnetic letters to strengthen the letter names and letter/sound knowledge. 4.  Writing a Story: Your child and I will have a conversation about something your child is interested in. At this time,your child will write a story in their own writing book. New words that are used frequently are learned and strategies are learned for constructing new words.5.  Cut-up Story: The story that was written is put on a sentence strip which is then cut-up and reassembled by the child.  This is sent home for further practice.6.  New Book: Every day the child reads a new book that is well within his or her control.*Over the duration of the lesson series, your child will receive nightly homework consisting of several books to read and the cut-up sentence in their homework bag. Homework including BOTH reading and assembling the sentence are to be completed each night to strengthen your child's reading and writing skills. Your cooperation in ensuring homework is completed each night, is appreciated as you are paving the way to your child gaining strong literacy skills for the next grade levels. I request that the plastic bag, the texts and the cut-up sentence be returned daily and signed only AFTER homework has been completed.**If there are any questions or concerns in regards to homework, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. I welcome parents to come and observe your child's lesson. **Please feel free to contact me and I can book a time where I will have your child in lesson. 
This is a reminder to parents of students enrolled in the Reading Recovery Program. The Reading Recovery program is provided to your students as a regularly scheduled daily program designed to provide a boost in your child’s literacy experience and learning in school. This program runs daily during the regular school schedule and runs for a total of 20 weeks. Your child is enrolled for the full 20 weeks required for the boost that they are to receive in learning to read and write at their grade level. If your child is consistently missing time, late for class or not completely nightly homework, they are not gaining the boost that they need and will not be able to complete the program successfully, which will not be helpful for their success towards Grade 2 entry. Please ensure that your child is attending school regularly, is on time and has completed homework each night. It is important that homework is done each evening (preferably not the morning before they leave for school), as continuous incomplete homework shows in their success levels daily at school. If homework is incomplete, your child will find it hard to gain reading or writing strength in new levelled books. They change levels frequently and this is very important for them to read each night and complete their sentence structure strips. Please take the time to sit and listen to your child while they read and help them as they build their sentence and re-read it to you. I thank you and appreciate your help towards your child’s literacy path and learning! J                                                                                                                           Miss Melissa Ellison                                                                                                          Reading Recovery: Esgenoopetitj School.
Welcome to all of my new group of Reading Recovery students and parents/guardians! I would just like to let you know a few things about the Reading Recovery Program! First of all: The program is designed to boost both the reading levels and performance of your child's reading level and abilities! This also includes their writing skills! It is a 30-minute intensive program, where there are two books read at first, then a third book in which a Running Record (which is a record of your child's reading, that is completed every day). Then we do a letter match, a comparison of two letters, in either the sounds or visual. Then we do what is known as Breaking Words Apart (BWA) in which I simply take a word, model it for your child by spelling, then saying the word, breaking it apart where the main sounds connect and put it back together. The child repeats this pattern and a concrete understanding of the word, spelling and chunking methods of that word is introduced. After that, your child will do their writing. They have their writing notebooks in which blank sheets of paper are used without lines, to help your child improve their writing skills without the distraction of a line. This also strengthens the hand coordination while they are writing. I then conduct a little Running Record on their story as they re-read it to me and then I write it out on a paper strip, cut it and have them re-organize it. Finally, we do the new text. It is an introduction to the new story, where I would model some difficult areas with your child and then have them begin their reading of it. This is all enveloped in a 30-minute solid structure. The program is intensive, lots of homework each night and a great deal of co-operation is required of your child as well, in order to get all their tasks completed in a full 30 minute class. It is vitally important that parents have their child do their homework each night, even on the weekend, as the program is intensive and must be followed. Your support is greatly appreciated by helping your child each night and ensuring their work is done in complete, signed and returned each day! Thank you and Good Luck to All the New Students!! :) Sincerely, Miss Ellison